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Explore answers to common questions and valuable insights in Level Up Moving & Storage Company's FAQ section. Our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions resource is designed to provide clarity and assistance as you plan your move. From inquiries about our services and pricing to tips for a successful relocation, our FAQ is a valuable resource to address your concerns. At Level Up, we aim to make your moving experience seamless and stress-free, starting with easy access to the information you need.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long before I plan to move should I talk with a moving company?
    When considering a move, it's advisable to initiate contact with a moving company at least four to six weeks prior to your intended moving day. The time leading up to your move tends to pass swiftly, so it's best to get a head start on preparations. The initial step involves determining which items to move and which ones to leave behind. Afterward, you can arrange for a visit from Level Up Moving & Storage. Our team will conduct a thorough room-by-room inventory to provide you with an accurate estimate. For more insights on achieving a stress-free moving day, feel free to request "A Timeline for a Stress-Free Moving Day" from Level Up Moving & Storage.
  • What if I need to move my belongings now, but I won't be moving into a new home for some time?
    If you require the relocation of your belongings immediately but won't be moving into your new home for a while, Level Up Moving & Storage has a solution. Our climate-controlled storage warehouse is designed precisely for this scenario. We will transport your belongings to our secure warehouse, ensuring their safety during the interim period. When you're prepared to proceed with the move, we'll load the truck and carry out the relocation to your new home, whether it's local, in a neighboring state, or even across the country. Your items will remain protected and well-cared for until the time is right for your move-in.
  • Can I get a moving estimate over the phone?
    While we understand your desire for convenience, obtaining an accurate moving estimate involves more than just a phone conversation. For the most precise assessment, it's crucial that our relocation specialist visits your residence. During this visit, they will conduct a thorough room-by-room inventory and engage in detailed discussions with you. This meticulous process ensures that you receive a comprehensive and accurate estimate that truly reflects the scope of the job. Your satisfaction and confidence in the estimate are our priorities.
  • Can I depend on the estimate I receive from the moving company?
    At Level Up Moving & Storage, the more we know, the better able we are to give you a true estimate. We’ll ask you a lot of questions about what you are planning to take with you – the pictures on the walls, the piano, the drapes, or the tools in the workshop. All this helps us to determine the weight of your shipment, how many movers will be needed, and the size of the truck! If you add items to what you originally told us, it will affect the cost of your move. If you want us to pack your belongings for you – or some of them, like fragile items or special items, such as computers – the cost of the move will be different than if you choose to pack everything yourself.
  • How can I decide if I want the moving company to pack all my furnishings and belongings?
    If you're contemplating whether to have the moving company handle the packing of all your belongings, consider requesting "Trade Secrets from the Professional Packers" at Level Up Moving & Storage. This resource will provide you with valuable insights into packing on your own, as well as key factors to weigh before finalizing your decision. It's designed to offer guidance and considerations that can help you make an informed choice about whether to entrust the packing to professionals or manage it yourself.
  • Can I change my mind about what I want to pack myself? What if I decide I want Level Up Moving & Storage to pack everything?
    Absolutely, your preferences are important to us. If you initially plan to pack certain items yourself but later decide to have Level Up Moving & Storage pack everything, we're flexible and accommodating. To ensure everything is organized and prepared properly, kindly inform us well in advance of your moving day. Our team will adjust accordingly and provide you with a revised estimate that encompasses the packing services and required materials. Your relocation specialist will guide you through the process to ensure a smooth transition and a stress-free move.
  • Can I pack and move paints and cleaning solutions?
    When it comes to paints and cleaning solutions, it's important to note that moving regulations prohibit the transportation of flammable items. As such, you should refrain from packing items like paints, turpentine, pressurized cans, corrosive substances like bleach, or any other flammable liquids. To adhere to safety guidelines and prevent any potential hazards, it's advised to properly dispose of or gift away such items that could pose a fire risk or cause damage to your belongings during the move to your new residence.
  • Is there a special way I should pack my computer and monitor?
    Indeed, there are specific precautions to consider when packing computers and monitors for safe transport. For detailed guidance on how to properly pack your electronic equipment, including computers and monitors, I recommend referring to "Trade Secrets from the Professional Packers" at Level Up Moving & Storage. This resource will provide you with expert insights and step-by-step instructions to ensure the protection of your valuable electronic devices during the move.
  • Are boxes from stores and supermarkets strong enough for packing my belongings?
    Boxes obtained from stores and supermarkets might not provide the necessary durability for the demands of moving. To ensure the safety of your belongings, it's advisable to invest in cartons and packing materials designed explicitly for moving purposes. At Level Up Moving & Storage, we're here to assist you in selecting the appropriate sizes and types of cartons to suit your needs. Our recommended packing materials include unprinted newsprint, bubble wrap, tape, and specialized labels. By opting for our recommended materials, you can safeguard your belongings and streamline the moving process. Feel free to refer to our provided material lists for further guidance.
  • If my move is scheduled first thing in the morning, when can I expect the movers to arrive?
    If your move is scheduled for the early morning, typically at Level Up Moving & Storage, the movers start their day at 8:00 am. They begin by collecting their instructions for your specific move and the necessary truck. There might be a brief meeting with the Operations Manager to discuss any unique considerations for your move. Afterward, they will travel to your location. Keep in mind that you should estimate around 30 minutes for preparations at Level Up Moving & Storage, and then consider the additional time required to reach your residence. This combined time will give you a rough idea of when you can expect the movers to arrive at your home.
  • What should I be prepared to do on the day of the move?
    On the day of the move with Level Up Moving & Storage, we strive to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience for you. To make the process as efficient as possible, here's what you should be prepared to do: Pack in Advance: Ensure that all your belongings are packed before the movers arrive. Having everything ready beforehand will expedite the loading process. Communicate with the Van Operator: The van operator will serve as your Moving Day Manager. They will discuss the loading process and timeline with you. Inform them about any items that should not be loaded or label them with a "DO NOT LOAD" sticker. Answer Questions: Be available to answer any questions the Moving Day Manager might have during the loading process. Final Walk-Through: Conduct a final walk-through of your current home to ensure that everything intended for the move has been loaded onto the truck. Closing Up: Make sure all windows are closed, closets are empty, lights are turned off, and doors are locked before leaving your old home. Once these steps are taken care of, you can say your farewells, take a deep breath, and embark on the journey to your new home with the confidence that your move is in capable hands.
  • What am I expected to do when the movers arrive at our new home?
    When the movers arrive at your new home with Level Up Moving & Storage, there are a few tasks you should be prepared to handle: Check Inventory: Be present to check off items on the inventory sheet as they are unloaded from the moving van. This helps ensure that all your belongings have arrived as intended. Guide Movers: It's helpful if you are available to guide the movers regarding the placement of each item. You can provide instructions on where each item should be positioned in your new home. Room Labels: To simplify the process, consider labeling all your boxes with the name of the room where they will be placed. Additionally, tape a sign to each room's door, indicating its name (e.g., BEDROOM 1, DEN, KITCHEN, LIVING ROOM). This makes it easier for the movers to match the labeled boxes to the correct rooms. By being present and involved during the unloading process, you can ensure that your belongings are placed in the correct rooms and your new home is set up efficiently and comfortably.
  • When is payment due for the move?
    Payment must be made in full before the items can be shipped.
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